Why do business across
the baltic sea?

Finding the suitable partner is not only easy - it's also profitable!

Reliable suppliers

Every business needs reliable suppliers. In Poland you can find literally all forms of production and services. We will help you find reliable partners offering a great value for money.

Good Clients

In Scandinavia you can easily find customers ready to enter a long cooperation with companies offering good service at a reasonable price. We will help you find a good client for your production.

Great accessibility

It’s never been easier to transport goods and services through the Baltic Sea. We are positive that the Baltic sea should not be perceived as a barrier but as a bridge!

Experienced Experts

We at Baltic Bridge have been connecting Sweden and Poland since 2004. We are aware of what the business needs and we know where to find the hidden gems of both countries.

Baltic bridge

Facilitating business across the Baltic Sea
It's time to do great business across the Baltic Sea!

Now is the best time to search for business opportunities on the other side of the Baltic Sea.

We at Baltic Bridge want to facilitate the whole process for you. Firstly, we make a detailed interview concerning your needs and expectations and afterwards we propose the course of actions that suits you best.

Baltic Brige is the easiest way to find a reliable business partner in your neighbouring country.

Just contact us and let us do the work.

  • We know the importance of good service.

  • We know what is good for business.

  • We know where to sarch for the best partner for you.

  • We know that nobody is an island - we provide you with contacts.

Who we are

We have been in various businesses between Poland and Sweden since 2004.

Maciej Zborowski

Founder of Baltic Bridge. His Polish homeland holds no secrets before him and his knowledge of Sweden is also far beyond average.

Barbara Kuczmarska-Urbaniak

Calling Barbara a structured person is having said nothing – order is her second name. Everything she touches is as succesful as can be.

Zuzanna Rosinke

Zuzanna’s motto: immpossible is nothing. Eager to find a Polish supplier or a Swedish client? You name it – she’ll fix it!

Clients about Baltic Bridge

What would a business be without satisfied clients?

Our services

Eager to find out in detail what we do?

Contact us!

Feel free to contact us - we will be more than glad to help you do business across the Baltic Sea.